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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Hat from “a galaxy far, far away…”

With Star Wars fans patiently waiting for Rogue One (the trailer was released earlier this month!), we felt it only right to share the cloche below that bears a remarkable resemblance to the hair of a certain Princess of Alderaan.  The close-fitting hat was popular during the 1920s and its name comes from the French word for “bell” – a reference to its shape.


         Cloche, 1925-1926, Museum Collection
This particular cloche is from around 1925 – over 50 years before movie-goers first saw Leia a she raced home to “save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy...."  



1       Princess Leia (1977) and the Washington D.C. Theta Pi sorority (1910)

Interestingly, the surplice bodice and high neck of Leia’s costume resemble dresses from the early 20th century.  The dress particularly looks like a simplified version of lingerie dresses from the period – like those in the Goldstein’s collection below. These dresses were sometimes also called tea gowns or hostess dresses and offered women a more informal alternative at home.


            Lingerie dress, 1900-1909, Gift of Marie Aamodt (left) and Lingerie dress, 1910-1915, Gift of the Minnesota Historical Society (right)

And maybe Leia’s boots on Endor could be equated to the low-heeled go-go boots that became popular during the 1960s – like these knee-high, black boots by Dior from 1967.  Since Leia won’t appear in the next film (fans will have to wait until Episode VIII in 2017), hopefully these glimpses will suffice. 

1      Leia and Wicket (1983) and boots by Dior (Gift of Meredith Scheid Bloomquist)