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Monday, July 22, 2013

Kids love printed textiles and printing textiles at GMD!

On July 9 and 11, four groups of high-energy children ages 5 through 13 visited GMD's exhibition, Printed Textiles: Pattern Stories and then enjoyed a hands-on experience with block printing.

The 52 students were attending a week-long Gopher Adventure camp on U of M's St. Paul campus. Exhibition curators Jean McElvain and Kathleen Campbell were the tour guides and block printing instructors.

The paper hearts at this mannequin's feet indicate the "favorite" votes that several students gave this Stephen Sprouse designed dress. The students liked the graffiti inspired lettering printed on its surface.

The kids impressed Jean and Kathleen by ably describing the different vantage points for these two screen prints of trees.

After the gallery tour, each group went to a nearby classroom to learn how to make block prints on cloth. The designs on the six linoleum blocks were carved by GMD staff members the week before.

Jean demonstrated how to apply ink to the linoleum block with a roller.

The kids quickly caught on. They enjoyed inking the rollers.

After rolling the ink onto the block, the next step was flipping the block face down onto the cloth and pressing down very hard on the block.

Wow! Each student took home a block-printed textile.

Special thanks to Wet Paint art supply in St. Paul for generously donating the tools, blocks, and ink so that students could experience block printing hands-on.

This exhibition is up through August 25.

−Kathleen Campbell

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Behind the Scenes with Team Digi

Ever wonder how the digital images in our database are generated? Since January 2010 we have managed to photograph nearly 20% of the Goldstein Museum of Design's collection. How did we produce so many stellar digital images? Well, our crack team of one Photographer and one Preparator (known in house as 'Team Digi') put their combined 45 years of experience into action every day they come to work. From dressing body forms in period costume to artfully arranging the tassels on a purse, the Preparator readies items for photography. Meanwhile, our Photographer makes sure the star of every photo shoot is well lit and in focus. But it isn't all fun and games. Team Digi works with the Goldstein's Assistant Curator and Registrar to select items and stay on target. The Preparator keeps a running tally of all items that have been photographed while the Photographer works tirelessly behind the scenes in post-production before placing the images in our database and on line.

In June Team Digi focused on the Goldstein Museum's shoe collection. One of the many challenges they encountered was the dreaded 'ankle-strap slump'. These deep-blue ankle strap sandals with silver linings and kicky little rhinestone encrusted buckles from the 1930's are a good example of this condition.

This pair of sandals was transported to the photo studio snuggled in their handy coroplast storage mount. The sandals were removed from the storage mount and - Presto! - the straps slumped forward, giving little idea of how smashing the sandals really are.

The Preparator leapt into action and attached long loops of thread to the ankle straps. The shoes were quickly photographed with their accession number and a card with a grey scale.

Animation time! The loops of thread were carefully guided onto the ends of two long wooden dowels by the Preparator and the dowels held aloft over the sandals. The Photographer zoomed in to capture the shot.

Later, back in her office, the photographer got down to work. Using Photoshop the thread was removed from the image as if by magic, the color balanced and the image cropped. The sandals are finally captured in all their grandeur and the image is ready for the world to see!

Visit our online collection to see all of the images of this pair of sandals and to search our database for other treasures. For more about our shoe storage mounts see our article "The Ultimate Shoe Project" from the Goldstein Museum of Design's Summer 2012 Newsletter.

−Team Digi

Monday, July 1, 2013

Barbara Heinemann to Receive Alumni Service Award

Barbara Heinemann, Margot Seigel, and Mark Schultz

The GMD would like to extend congratulations to Barbara Heinemann, who has been selected to receive the College of Design's 2012-13 Alumni Service Award. She will be presented with the award at the Alumni Association's gala celebratory event during Homecoming Week on September 26, 2013.

Barbara was a co-curator for the GMD's Spring 2013 exhibition Redefining Redesigning Fashion and the 2009 exhibition Intersections: Where Art and Fashion Meet.