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Friday, May 31, 2013

New Communications Assistant Emily Marti Says Hello

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As Gallery 241 is transitioning to a new exhibition (Printed Textiles: Pattern Stories, June 15 - August 25), GMD is also "changing the guard" with Communications Assistants. I am Emily Marti and will be GMD's Communications Assistant for the next year. I have the pleasure of picking up this blog after Sharlene's good-bye post.

I am a Master of Fine Arts candidate in Graphic Design with a minor in Product Design. In the fall, I will begin my third and final year of the MFA and will be working on my thesis, exploring ways in which sustainability can be pursued through graphic design and product design.

Before moving to Minnesota, I lived in Bloomington, Indiana for several years after completing a Bachelor's degree in Viola Performance and Studio Art at Indiana University. Until I began grad school, I split my time between teaching and performing music and doing graphic design work for non-profits including a theater, a public library and the Indiana Geological Survey. After I complete my MFA, I hope to embark on a career that balances music and public interest design.

While I have been fascinated by exhibit design and museums in general for as long as I can remember, this is the first time I have actually had the opportunity to work for one. I am thrilled to be in a position where I can explore what GMD has to offer and share with you some of what I learn along the way.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Communications Assistant Sharlene Balik says Goodbye

IMG_3630.jpgEach year two graduate students are given the opportunity to work at GMD. I was lucky enough to have the position of Communication Assistant at GMD for the past year. Before working at the Goldstein, a career involving museums never crossed my mind. However over the past year I found that I really enjoy being a part of all that is required to maintain a museum.

As the Communication Assistant my main responsibility was all things associated with the PR for the museum, which encompassed a wide range of tasks. I started my experience at GMD with a crash course in designing labels for the exhibition Quest for the World's Best Baskets. The exhibition included over 300 baskets and the InDesign software was crashing about every hour, creating some panic on whether they would be done in time. I then took part in the planning and execution of GMD's fall benefit Mad About Design while being able to wear a dress designed by Lily Pulitzer. I also produced three magazines, designed numerous items for the museum, and tried my hand at web design among many other things.

I have truly enjoyed and consider myself fortunate for the time I had at GMD. Beyond the tasks that I accomplished the people I was able to work with were beyond wonderful and helped me grow and learn in my position and also in the classroom.

I am sad to go yet excited to see how the next chapter in my life unfolds and how my time at GMD will help me in my future.

-Sharlene Balik, Master of Arts in Graphic Design

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Successful Backstage Tour and Tea!

IMG_1950.JPGMay 2 and May 4 were busy days at the Goldstein. The GMD staff, membership committee, and several lovely student volunteers joined forces to present a spring Behind the Scenes Tour and Tea. We planned, curated, baked, ironed the linens, polished the silver, and worked together to transform the fireplace room in the College of Design into a pretty restaurant-like setting for the English Tea.


The event attracted dozens of new members who enjoyed all they saw going on at GMD. They visited our storage facilities, spent time viewing our current exhibit in the gallery, and studied a small collection of exquisite 1920s clothing and objects presented by Jean McElvain, Assistant Curator of GMD.The event was topped off with a delicious tea service of scones, clotted cream, tarts, pudding, sandwiches, and five kinds of tea! Lin Nelson-Mayson closed the event with an introduction to GMD and a slide presentation for our new members highlighting the Museum's collection. Everyone left energized by the event and enthused about the organization they now belong to!


We loved the clothes, shoes and hats so much! It was very inspirational... We really enjoyed the specific pieces that were pulled for display, and our group had a lot of questions. It was so much fun to go into the wardrobes and see the rows of cabinetry, and our leader who pulled out a few pieces to explain them to us was knowledgeable and interesting. Our group was full of interesting people with in-depth questions, wanting to see the lining, stitching, detail and noticing every little design and layer, hem length and button, and asking questions about hair styles and eras and all. brought out the child in me that I had to keep admonishing "look with your eyes, touch only with your eyes."

The beautiful linens and gorgeous china were as sweet and delectable as the treats that accompanied them - it was fun.

--Attendee Comments

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Redefining Redesigning Fashion Goes Viral!

Our current exhibition Redefining Redesigning Fashion: Designs for Sustainability has been a hit! Our attendance for the exhibition has been great but if you have not seen it yet, you only have 2 more weeks. It will be closing May 26th. I highly recommend seeing all the wonderful objects in person if you are able. But if for some reason you cannot make it here before it is gone you now have the option to view the exhibition online! Check out this new link on our website! It features the winning designs with descriptions and images of all the objects. It also informs you about the themes that were used to define how the objects are sustainable.

Click here for the website.
Click here for the website exhibition link.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fashion Redefined: A Day to Celebrate Eco Fashion!


Fashion Redefined on Saturday, April 6th was an exciting all-day event dedicated to eco fashion! The event focused on innovative ideas presented by the current exhibition at the Goldstein Museum of Design, "Redefining, Redesigning Fashion: Designs for Sustainability," co-curated by Marilyn DeLong, Barbara Heinemann, and Kathryn Riley. This exhibit explores the creation of sustainable clothing by designers who respect environmental, economic, and social concerns.

Saturday, April 6th was a day of workshops and presentations for people of all ages. The opening ceremony brought everyone together for a warm welcome and included an interactive story by guest presenter "Auntie Beverly" as well as a discussion of the five themes of sustainability by the curators of the exhibit.These themes are: Emotional Connections, Repurposed Materials, Valuing Resources, Alternative Construction and Techniques, and Versatility. These themes were celebrated in different ways by each of the workshops and activities of the day.


There was a "Sustainability Boutique" filled with fun designs for sale by the workshop instructors and University of Minnesota graduate students. There was a clothing swap and mid-day fashion show sponsored by Sol Inspirations, a local non-profit organization that advocates responsible and sustainable practices.

The diverse offering of workshops ranged from Bengla (mud) dye techniques to a "Project Upcycle" sewing challenge to a discussion focused on sustainability in the industry and much more!


Everyone who participated in our "Day to Celebrate Eco Fashion" had the chance to learn new creative skills and ideas focused on sustainability and its importance. They also were able to find new ways to incorporate sustainable practices into everyday life. And they also, certainly, had fun!