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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Students' Unique Access to Vintage

Screen shot of Hannah Barts's presentation

My name is Hannah Bartz and I am a staff member of the Goldstein Museum of Design. I am a sophomore Retail Merchandising major with an apparel emphasis. This past weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Dean's Reception, which is a day of welcoming prospective freshman into the College of Design. I spoke about the Retail Merchandising program and all the benefits of the program. One of the best resources that we use is actually the collection from GMD. Not only does it have its wonderful exhibitions but I have also analyzed pieces from the collection in the Textiles Analysis class, Softlines analysis class, and Fashion and Ethics class.

In the slide that accompanied my presentation I included photos from the Goldstein's new online database of their collection. One of the most amazing experiences I have had was the honor of handling (with gloves!) the Dior skirt (pictured above) from the groundbreaking New Look collection! The collection pieces offer a chance to see garment details that are no longer produced or are only incorporated in designer garments. This skirt had extremely beautiful, deep pleats that added even more fullness and draping to the wool fabric. As a design student, it is incredibly exciting to have the chance to examine beautiful couture clothing and see the quality and exquisite details that make "high fashion" so special.

Being able to tell next year's freshman that I have had the opportunity to work with Dior 1948 couture was great. It was also great explaining that the Goldstein isn't just the Gallery but an excellent resource for all design students. I enjoyed being an ambassador for the Retail Merchandising major and the Goldstein Museum of Design, and hope I recognize a few freshman next year from the reception.

Images from left to right
Bill Blass Evening Dress, 1986, Gift of Bill Blass Ltd.
Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel Jacket, Camisole and Skirt, 1955, Gift of Lois and Ed Schlampp
Christian Dior Dress with Belt, 1947-1948, Gift of Kathleen Catlin

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GMD's Collection, a Useful Tool!


A couple weeks ago, we answered a phone call from Jennifer McHughs, an UMN alum, who was interested in viewing our complete set of the Émigré magazines. Émigré is a unique and cutting-edge San Francisco publication which published 69 issues from 1984 to 2005, under art directors Rudy Vanderlands and Zuzana Licko.

Jennifer wrote about her visit to GMD:

"On a recent visit to Minneapolis I was searching for information on design activities in the Twin Cities area. One thing led to another and I discovered the Émigré Magazine Index housed at the Goldstein Museum of Design. What luck! After contacting the Museum staff, they arranged for a visit to their collections library. I invited a friend to join me, who works in the field of interior design and textiles production, and we enjoyed this interesting afternoon together.

"Kathleen Campbell and Sharlene Balik gave us an introduction to the library with an explanation of its collection, history, and proper handling procedures of the materials in conservation. We were able to browse through the entire collection of Émigré graphic design magazines, taking notes and asking questions. In particular, this has been useful for my research on the archiving of graphic design materials, the importance of a graphic design magazine like Émigré (which is no longer in publication) to the industry, and the significance of 'collecting' contemporary design in general.

"I greatly appreciate your swift and generous attention and thank you for a productive and thought-provoking visit. It was the highlight of my day."

We are very happy that Jennifer and her friend could visit GMD and that our collection assisted her with her studies. We encourage everyone to keep GMD in mind when doing research. Our collection of great objects could help you with your research in the future. Click here to search our collection online. If there are certain objects you would like to see in person, please contact our Assistant Curator, Jean McElvain, at 612.625.2737 or to set up a time to come and view them.

Hope to see you soon!


Jennifer McHugh is a researcher in the history of arts, design and cultural heritage. She is a pre-doctoral student focusing on the intersection of communication through graphic design and typography and its place in contemporary cultural heritage. She has recently completed a Masters degree in Management of Cultural Heritage at the Universitat de Girona in Spain. Her previous studies include International Relations (University of Sussex) and Spanish (University of Minnesota).

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Goldstein Museum of Design Director Recognized for Leadership in Making the Case for Museums In Washington and Beyond

LinAdvocacyDays.jpg Left to Right: Jada Hansen, Brenda Raney, Abraham Lincoln, Lin Nelson-Mayson

5 March 2013 ─ Lin Nelson-Mayson, director of the Goldstein Museum of Design, was honored at the 2013 Museums Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., Feb. 25th. The award recognized Nelson-Mayson's five years of service as a citizen-lobbyist, one of only 17 who participated in all five years of Museums Advocacy Day, an event organized by the American Alliance of Museums.

Nelson-Mayson has been a part of the concerted advocacy efforts for museums on Capitol Hill since the inception of Museums Advocacy Day in 2009. Over that time she has met with many members of the Minnesota Congressional delegation, recording a total of 39 visits to Congressional offices. Nelson-Mayson was presented the award at a reception at George Washington University in Washington.

Museums Advocacy Day brings museum professionals from across the country to Washington to make the case for America's museums on Capitol Hill. This year's event was Feb. 25-26. These citizen-advocates represent the breadth and scope of the museum field, coming from all types and sizes of museums, and this year representing 45 states. After a day of intense issue briefings on February 25th, the amateur lobbyists met with Members of Congress and their staffs throughout the day on February 26th.

"Lin has been at the vanguard of our Museums Advocacy Day efforts from the beginning," said Ford W. Bell, president of the American Alliance of Museums. "The museum field needs leaders such as Lin, now more than ever. We must make Congress aware that museums bring tremendous value to communities everywhere. Certainly the Goldstein Museum of Design is a community anchor at the University of Minnesota and in the Twin Cities."

Among the facts Nelson-Mayson and her colleagues presented to Congress on Feb. 26th were:

• Museums invest more than $2 billion in education programs annually, serving Americans of all ages

• Museums welcome more than 90 million visits by schoolchildren each year

• Museums welcome more than 850 million visitors each year, more than all major league sporting events combined

• A study cited by the U.S. Conference of Mayors found that, for every $1 municipalities invest in arts and culture organizations, including museums, $7 are returned to city coffers

• Museums are a major part of the $192 billion cultural tourism industry in the United States

In addition, the Minnesota advocates reported the following about the state's museums*:

• There are nearly 600 museums in the state, at least one in every county. The Twin Cities metro alone has more than 50.
• Minnesota museums attracted an estimated 14 million visitors in 2011. Compare that to 5.9 million attendees to Twins, Vikings, Lynx, Timberwolves, and Wild events COMBINED in 2011.
• In 2011, museums directly infused $337 million into Minnesota's economy. Including indirect impacts, museum wages and spending contributed $690 million to the state's economy.
• Minnesota's museums directly employ over 1,700 full and part time workers, paying $80 million in wages. Yet museums do more with less; the average museum in Minnesota has just two paid staff members.
• Volunteers in Minnesota's museums annually contribute an estimated 1.1 million hours of work to our state's cultural life.
• About 12% of all museum visitors are tourists, travelling over 50 miles. Tourists visiting museums contributed $53 million to the state's economy.

-American Alliance of Museums

*From a 2012 survey by the Minnesota Association of Museums in partnership with the University of Minnesota's Tourism Center